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Evergreen International Hotels

Evergreen International Hotels is a major international chain built domestically from the ground up. The chain completes Evergreen’s meticulous and complete service network deployment over land, sea and air. It also embodies Evergreen’s intimate service and guarantees tourists and business guests worldwide a comfortable, safe and warm lodging experience. For more than a decade, Evergreen has moved steadily forward in developing its hotel business and scope of service both within Taiwan and around the world. Our hotels have been established in Taichung, Keelung and Taipei in Taiwan, Bangkok, Penang, Paris and Fukuoka. The evergreen Transit Hotel at Terminal 2 of CKS International Airport in Taoyuan and the Evergreen Plaza hotel in Tainan are under Evergreen management. The decor, facilities and ergonomic design give customers a home away from home feeling. Whether for business or pleasure, Evergreen Laurel Hotels are assuredly the best choice.


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